Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Pepper" Inspired Ranch Turkey Burgers

Easy! Tasty! 5 ingredients.

SUPER EASY and juicy Turkey Burgers.
These are my "pepper" inspired burgers...(with a HIDDEN VEGGIE aspect...Shhh!)
2 packages - 99% Lean Jennie-O ground Turkey
28 turkey pepperoni slices, chopped
1.5 cups pepperjack cheese, grated
3 raw asparagus spears, chopped as finely as possible.
1 original ranch packet (not the ranch "dips")
Put all ingredients in a bowl.
Mash up and thoroughly mix.

This makes 8 (4.2-4.5 oz. patties)

Get the BBQ fired up anywhere between 350 and 400 degrees.

Place on grill for 3 min.
Flip, and let cook another 3 min.
I served ours with the Oroweat thins and avocado, lettuce, pickle and tomato.

It was a tasty and well-balanced dinner with hidden veggies! You couldn't even tell.
I also served it along my "string beans and onions" recipe.


Elizabeth Dall said...

Making this ASAP! We love turkey burgers - a unique twist!

Kailua Ward Cooks! said...

Need to try this one too. PS This is Mel R. I had to do another cooking blog for my ward so now it says Kailua Ward Cooks is my name lol.