Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chili Chicken Fajitas

When I made this josh said, "DANG!! This is restaurant quality. Please make this more"
So, I HAVE made it! A lot.

Begin with your chicken:
2 chicken breasts, cut up into cubes
9 tbsp flour 
3 tsp. chili powder
3 tsp. salt
3 tsp. pepper
olive oil
frying pan

Cut chicken breast in cubes. Salt and pepper the chicken breast.
Combine flour, chili powder and salt and pepper in a Ziploc bag.
Put chicken in the bag with the flour mixture.
Seal it and roll it around until chicken is evenly coated.
Cook the coated chicken in a small pan in some olive oil. (Cook the chicken in small batches)
Make sure the oil is piping hot to sear the chicken. Once placed on the oil, do not move the chicken. Let it cook on each side for about 3 min. the more you move the chicken around, the more the oil will cool down...(Therefore allowing the flour to just SOAK in MORE oil, instead of cooking it...well, at least that's what happened to me and that's the conclusion I came up with)

After you have cooked the chicken, place the cooked chicken aside in a pan. Keep the lid on pan, on low heat.

Repeat until all chicken is cooked.
2 chicken breasts cut into strips or cubes....whatever you'd like!
Salt and pepper the chicken before you coat it in flour
Then prepare your veggies:
1 red bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
1 purple onion
1-3 garlic cloves (depending on how much you like that "garlicky" taste, I use 3 cloves)
1 tbsp. olive oil
Salt and Pepper
In large pan, saute all veggies and garlic in the olive oil.
Season the veggies with salt and pepper.
Cook until all veggies are al dente-crisp. (maybe like 5-7 minutes)
After all veggies are al-dente, then add the cooked chicken into the large  pan.
Cook for another 3 min on medium high heat.
Remove from heat and serve in homemade tortillas (or regular tortillas or corn tortillas).
Top with shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and avocados.
Even Mason likes it.
It's gotta be good!!!

Recipe courtesy of Sheri Bird and Cooper family.

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